This game isn't for everyone...

It's for people who want a party game where stuff actually happens (looking at you Cards Against Humanity). The goal is to guess what your friends like and dislike. If you're right - really good shit happens to you. If you're wrong - bad shit happens. It's really stupid fun, and that's the point.

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How The F' Do You Play?

Don't lose your cool like Chris Brown - Here's how it works...


Dude/tte #1 lays 5 "Subject Cards" face up for everyone to see...


Everyone guesses if Dude/tte #1 likes or dislikes each Subject card. You can use your smartphone to


Dude/tte #1 tells everyone if they like or dislike each card. Person with the most correct guesses wins and least correct loses.


If there's a tie for the most or least correct guesses, a "Tiebreaker Card" is drawn to determine the winner or loser (aka CoolCat or AssHat).


The person with the most correct guesses draws a "CoolCat Card," reads it aloud to the group, and does what it says...


After the CoolCat goes, the person with the least correct guesses draws an AssHat card and does what it says...


After the round's over, fill it up again. Next up is the person to the left of Dude/ette #1.


Don't forget to have fun...and breathe, fart, cry as needed

Complete Rules Here

When you're young and you hate your job...

Your mind tends to wander. Away from work and to what’s happening after work. That was our situation in early 2013 when we started working on this game. The idea was and remains simple. A more entertaining way to tie on a buzz before a night out at a bar or party. After a ton of work, we’re ready to share it with the world.

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